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I have been a regular user of Zulvera herbal hair growth shampoo since past 4 years and very happy with the results. Why does Zulvera now come in a tablet form ? Is it as effective as the Zulvera shampoo ? Can i still get the shampoo ?


Hair loss treatments and remedies continue to evolve as there is always scope for improving and making a product more effective. We at Zulvera try to keep up with the pace of the change. Our dedicated team of 18 hair loss specialist scientist and ayurvedic gurus keep researching different formulas and combinations and try to come up with the most effective and safe hair loss treatment at the most affordable price. 

Our scientist and researchers have toiled for past 6 years to produce a more easy to use formula as some users are reluctant to quit their everyday shampoo. As a result of these countless number of hours in research we proudly present to you the new Zulvera herbal supplement pills. The development of the Zulvera herbal pills completed in May 2009. Since May 2009 we have conducted 18 Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Clinical trials to check the effectiveness of the new formula. In all the clinical trials Zulvera herbal pills have proved to be as effective as the Zulvera hair growth shampoo. We are 100% sure that you will be amazed to see the results with the new and improved formula. You can still order Zulvera shampoo by clicking here.



How many Zulvera herbal tablets do i have to take daily ?
Zulvera tablets are taken orally, 1 each day, after a meal. (preferably after breakfast)



Will Zulvera hair loss remedy tablets work on receding hair as well as bald spots ?
All areas of the scalp will benefit from Zulvera herbal supplement. Those areas which lost hair most recently will show the first results.
Can i change the shipping address after placing the order ?
Due to privacy and security reasons we CAN NOT accommodate shipping address changes once an order has been placed. We recommend each customer to pay careful attention to ensure they are entering the correct shipping address during the checkout process.



I am not balding but my older brother is, can Zulvera help me not end up like him ?
Zulvera can be taken to prevent hair loss and baldness before it even starts. It is much easier to prevent baldness than to reverse it once it has started.
My hair loss problem is completely solved now. Can i still keep talking Zulvera tablets or using Zulvera shampoo?
Yes. You can keep taking Zulvera herbal pills and using the shampoo even after you have achieved the desired results.
What happens if I stop taking Zulvera, will my new hair fall out?
This is a common concern, and the answer varies by individual. Some users report no hair loss after a period of disuse. Some people do start to see their hair loss return, more slowly, within a few months of cessation of Zulvera use. Generally, younger people have better results discontinuing Zulvera use without a return to their previous state than older people. We encourage all users to experiment to determine what period of use works best for them.



How long does Zulvera take to work?
Because hair grows slowly (about 1 inch every two months) it is recommended that people take Zulvera for at least 2 to 3 months before they should expect visible results. While some users do report significant improvement in only 3 weeks, most people take 2 – 3 months.

Is Zulera FDA approved?
The Food & Drug Administration does not have an approval process for any nutritional supplements, only prescription medications. All of Zulvera’s ingredients voluntarily comply with the FDA’s GRAS safety requirements.

Does Zulvera have any side effects?
No. Zulvera does not have any known side effects.
Can you ship to my country?
We ship worldwide.
What are the ingredients used in Zulvera?
Zulvera uses some of the highest quality medicinal herbs. For detailed information about each of these herbs click here .
How many days does it take to ship to my country?
Delivery time within India is 5 – 6 days. For any country outside India it is 15-20 days.
Does it work for women?
Yes. Zulvera works equally for men and women.
How do I know if Zulvera will work for me?
Studies indicate that its very effective for the majority of people. Zulvera has a very high success rate. It works for Men and Women of all ages.