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Everyone at Zulvera is determined to put an end to hair loss once and for all. Most people only associate hair loss with age but that is not the case. Hair loss can touch everyone at any time regardless of your age. There have been cases where people turned entirely grey in their early 30’s and started losing their hair only shortly after. The causes for this can range widely from genetical changes to serious health issues. To find the cause of your hair loss there are various tests available, somewhat similar to an online casino test. There is always the option to see your dermatologist and you should because the reason why you are losing your hair might need medical treatment. But let’s face it, in most cases, all the doctors are going to do is prescribing you Cortisone either as a lotion or pills to take orally. If you have doubts about taking such a serious drug as Cortisone, you are right. Cortisone can have serious side effects and is certainly not a cure-it-all that works for everyone.
That is where we from Zulvera come into play. Carefully analyzing data from thousands of people who are losing their hair we came up with alternative treatment options that don’t involve taking serious drugs like Cortisone. We methodically looked into each and every case just like you would at the data of an online casino test and we are proud of our Zulvera anti-hair loss shampoo. Since we launched our product, we were able to help hundreds of people successfully fighting the loss of their hair. What makes us different from other producers who promise that their shampoo, paste or cream is the cure for stopping hair loss is, that we at Zulvera did not turn towards chemical products for our shampoo. Based in India, our approach is deeply connected to the Indian culture of healing by nature.
The Hindu belief is that cures are given to us by our environment and therefore our Zulvera anti-hair loss shampoo is entirely made out of natural ingredients without added artificial or chemical byproducts. Because of that, you do not have to worry about allergic reactions to any of our ingredients. Our shampoo has never been and will never be tested on animals either, we believe in protecting our environment and therefore produce our shampoo in an ecological way.
Our founder Sir James Stone started Zulvera all by himself and invested his own private financial means into the company. For him, it all started with a simple online casino test and before he knew it, he made a fortune gambling online. It is also true that he noticed his hair getting thinner, which is a symptom of losing hair. While he was carefully analyzing a casino reading a new online casino test, he saw his reflection in his monitor and there was no more denying it: he was indeed losing his hair. That was when Zulvera was actually born. We at Zulvera know, from experience, what we are talking about when we say that we want to change people’s life by stopping their hair loss.